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    1. You know what, Beans, you’re totally right. The paper is way too narrow to be toilet paper. Those rolls of receipt paper are dense! It’d be like getting hit with a half-brick.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking! hahaha. Soccer may be the “beautiful game” – but it’s players (and apparently its refs, too) act like little girls.

  1. Apparently you all have never been at a fotballl match and have never trown shit. Its a rock inside the paper that makes it possible to throw.

    Watch it again and tell me Im wrong…

    1. Doesn’t justify falling to the ground like you’ve just been shot in the face but yes, rocks/ coins etc. are often thrown at football matches and you may well be right.

    2. Ya know what… I thought exactly the same thing. The trajectory is far too straight for paper, there was blatantly something hard in it otherwise it would have floated around haphazardly rather than flying straight at the linesmans’ head.
      True, rolling round on the floor as if someone has just kneecapped you might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but I don’t doubt it hurt a lot. My 3 year old niece chucked a penny at my head once and that hurt so I imagine a grown man could do a lot better 😉

    1. 1) It’s football (the clue is in the name)
      2) American football should be renamed Hand-brown-egg
      3) Football & rugby was there first so ner-ner
      4) My maturity knows no bounds

  2. its just soo fun when a guy gets a hit by something even if its a roll of toilet paper he does like it was a brick and he gonna die….

  3. well it’s hard and it should be painful. A soccer faggot falls always down with the biggest pain, so it’s okay to.
    … soccer + shitty paper …. just fail!

  4. At first it looked like light paper but then I looked again and it was a hard roll of paper. I used them in my calculator and yes they are heavy and hard like a brick. It would have hurt.

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