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    1. I’ve dated chicks who like doggy, is that the same as being possessed by a dog? I swear they made a very similar sound!!

    1. i tell you the truth…the bible wasnt writen by god and jesus was just a man…i truely believe in god/creator but.. religion?.. can go fuck its self, its caused nothing but war and ill gladly go to hell if it means peace on earth plus, jesus was a punk ass bitch and id dog him in his own home hahah

  1. I have the spirit of Dragon but I don’t want to have it exorcised. Dragons are sweet and also it is really handy for making quesadillas.

    1. Froggy please take your odd sexual fetish of smelling canine anal canals to another forum.
      Since you appear to have first hand knowledge of knowing what this peculiar scent is.


    1. Yeah she’s definitely (trying) to read a cue card off screen. This is pathetic. And people believe this shit. That’s the sad part.

  2. So if she was possessed by a “dog spirit” she used to made very happy her man because when a girl has dog inside she can give a very good pleasure for the male’s cook once inside her. Squeezing it an bitting is so sweet with heir vagina.That is why i love women with dog. And in this case with a dog spirit. Other thing, since when dogs have spirits?

    1. I didn’t understand all of this but basically you fuck dogs. Nice. I guess as long as it has a hole in it, you’re happy.

    2. I am seriously not trying to sound racist, but I totally was reading this with an Asian voice inside my head…I dunno why, but just did lol.

    1. Have you ever been back to your cave? Oh, wait you havent been there since your mom and uncle had you and washed you off in olive oil

    2. My My…..Mrs. Frog sure does have a grasp of the English language now doesn’t she?
      Why don’t you get off your mum’s 12 year old Dell and go down to the courthouse and take care of those 3-4 outstanding warrants and maybe catch up on those past due child support payments.

    3. i must join these Roccol u no me i diss u on a lot of your bad comments first i would like 2 say if u been 2 Philly or NYC you wouldn’t last the way you talk forget it 2nd i would like 2 see stop being a internet troll racist KKK bush cock lover Texas back words as hill billy with some rare as form of disease that reform your entire body hills have eyes bitch ass and that’s my speech 2 you good bye

    4. Darkness:
      Me not understand your “Engrish.”
      No wonder you blackies can’t get jobs. You cannot talk let alone type worth a shite.
      BTW I lived in Philly 4 years so I know how you feral beasts operate quite well. Not impressed, not frightened.

  3. looks much like hypnosis to me, i guess she was hypnotized before the “show” and when the preacher screamed at her, he triggered the hypnosis
    religion, a giant scam

    1. No, actually she’s faking the possession. What’s interesting is that most, if not all the people in that room think that shit is real. This is human stupidity at it’s best.
      PS: religion only exists today because people are weak and stupid.

  4. only in America ..astounds me on how retarded those “U.S.A” folk can be..inbred to the max them lot are .its a shame to the English ppl.watching these twats must make the English feel ashamed since they was the ones responsible for colonising that country …nothing but shame

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