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  1. Cool video. Real dogs (spaniel sized or bigger) are great. I don’t like cats though. Sneaky, arrogant, furry little c***s. They can’t be trusted.

    1. I think it’d be more accurate to say ‘dogs know their place, cats think they’re better than you’. Smug little bastards. Ever heard of a rescue cat? Nope… because they don’t give a shit about people. Given the chance, they’d kill you and everyone you ever loved. Fact.

    2. I think “dogs know their place, cats think they’re better than you” would be more accurate. Ever heard of a rescue-cat? Nope. Because cats don’t give a shit about us. They’d kill you and everyone you ever loved for a tin of Whiskers. Fact.

    3. I once read a story where they found this old lady dead in her room, appartment or somthng like that. Her 3 cats ate half her face after just a day of not being fed.
      No dog would ever, EVER do a shit like that

    1. Unfortunately he can’t Maya, RoccoL has some sort of mind disease. Most people are Optimist Primes but he is a Negatron.

    2. Lol i tried to write the N word with 2 g but it didnt hapened/ What an anal moderation here!

    3. err…yeah..why i cant type niger with 2 g..n also niga with 2 g..this is annoying..such a system..

    1. Awww, cat lady, did I strike a nerve?

      I was referring to the sick/psychotic way he talked to them, not the number that he has.

      You fucking dim twat.

    2. And what is weird about the way he talked to them? Sounds perfectly normal. A lot of people talk to their dogs like that. You obviously have no idea.

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