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    1. And all of that is also in China in some amusement park.

      BTW, Fidel Castro is living in Capitol building copy.

  1. Wouldn’t count that as a fail. In particular, if your not from US, you’ll probably not know about the Eiffel tower replica.

  2. NO! Not anymore! – Since 9/11 they’ve been kidnapped.
    CIA reports one apparently hold captive in Paris, France.
    The whereabouts of the other is still unknown ans a mistery to the investigators, CIA spokesmen pointed further out.

    1. Is there a fial in that cake? Maybe it’s word verification cake. Eckkk black icing. For the rcored, black icing makes your mouth and teeth blue. I know cuz I ordered black icing trim for a cake and everyone had blue teeth…and probably blue poo*LOL*

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