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  1. LOL they should make people agree to disclaimers :
    “If you are too much of a neanderthal to calmly ignore/humorously engage in someone teasing you over a menial victory they feel they have achieved over you…then please unplug your network cable and/or disengage your wireless connection…you fail at grown-up life!”

  2. That’s why I don’t video games anymore, I wouldn’t want to get my ass handed to me by a pimple-faced nerdy kid who plays games all day because he doesn’t have any friends.

  3. Actually.. its a win. The internet generation doesn’t remember a time when you actually had to stand behind your words. If you wouldn’t say it to the guys face, you probably should be talking shit online. Its a bit extreme on the older guy’s part, but I bet that kid isn’t trolling on the internetz anymore.

  4. I think it’s great that the guy choked the teen. Sure it’s a game and as adults we shouldn’t take it seriously. But some of these kids get on the Playstation Network or Xbox LIVE and can be very disrespectful. They turn into ‘xbox live gangsters’; and we can ignore it, but only for so long until it gets to us. Those kids shouldn’t be playing those games anyway!!

    If a KID wants to be disrespectful and talk smack like he’s grown (to a grownup), then he/she better be ready to take the grown ass kicking that may or may not come with it; plain and simple.

  5. I was playing online with them when this happened. kid gave out his address to the dude and everything. didnt know the dude would actually go to the kid’s house and beat him up

  6. When you play COD , can you really see with whom you’e playing with as well as his address?? If so, that’s scary and super stupid…What if you’re playing with a serial killer! even worse, with a paedophile. AAAAAAAh

    1. [meant to add]
      It’s common internet-tough guy talk to tell someone the general area of where you live (while praying he doesn’t actually live close by).

  7. I was playing Halo for the first time online with my older brother at someone’s house. I was doing OK for my first time (middle ranked in kills), but we didn’t win. He spazed out and choked me like an asshole.
    I watch him play COD online now, and he throws a goddamn screaming fit on the mic if things don’t go his way.
    And he’s a married adult, 20+ years old.

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