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    1. Actually, I have done a hell of a lot worse. But if you are going to try to insult me, at least use spell check before you click the “Submit Comment” button.

    2. Yes it was lame and he is stupid for letting his friend put a video of him committing a crime on the internet. Nice job they should make another video after the few days he is in jail they can post how sad he is after being raped.

  1. I hate Bieber as much as the next hetero guy but I too am confused… How is this a win for vandalism? I think this should be called “wannabe badass fail” if his toughest accomplishment is knocking the head off a flimsy cardboard cutout. What a tool.

    1. Exactly.

      Now what would’ve been a win would be if the store owner came out and popped that little shit in the head with a baseball bat.

  2. everyone jus gettin uptight man LOL

    still funny
    now calm down and jus smoke a d00b and crank up some bob marley u lil shitstains

  3. Average IQ for the Human Race= 90-105
    Average IQ for a Mentally Retarded Person= 60-75
    Average IQ for a group of morons that commit a petty crime, in a crowded shopping center, video it, then are so proud of themselves that they post it on the web as a “win”?= 0.0

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