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    1. Idk. I’m assuming you’re a guy Degausser, so you wouldn’t know womens shoes. But the slanted part of the shoe is where the foot starts getting smaller. So that little thing sticking out is coming out of the Big Toe area of the shoe. If this isn’t photoshopped, it is definitely an extra toe. Ewww.

    2. The goofy bitch has the wrong shoe on the right foot, I mean, she’s got the right shoe on the…aw fuck it. Her fucking shoes are on the wrong feetses, damn it.

  1. Definitely thinking this is an extra toe… I wonder if she has a tail too, maybe an extra nipple. These people gotta stop drinking the tap water… 🙁

  2. nope… She (as i presume the gender is) is sitting with crossed legs, so that foot is the right one (judging by the shape and position of the ankle and the location of the other foot. notice the other possible female also has crossed legs)

    1. Looking again I’m going with the shoe is on the wrong foot. And those are some nasty looking ankles.

    2. i’m thinking that “person” found out there was no way that shoe fits that ugly feet with all the toes on so little piggy was forever alone for the ske of fashion…

  3. Nasty ass she-boons and their disgusting hooves.
    How would you like to be some poor Asian nail salon tech who has to work on these morbid stench filled appendages?

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