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    1. hahahaha the people really making out r the idiots… i would walk away after seeing this guy make fun of me lol

  1. baaahahahahahahahahaha!

    Public Displays of affection are gross… if you do it, you should be kicked in your respective private area.

  2. What’s up with the pants/shorts all of these guys are wearing? I’m pretty sure my mom wears the same pants as the first guy.

  3. I Don’t Know What Exactly Is The Fail, Is It The Lonely Retard, The Four “Boys” With Shaved Legs Or The Bitchez That Are Obviously Attracted To Girl Looking Boys! 😀

    1. That is because you are a woman. You should not be looking at pictures in the interwebs anyway, you might burn dinner.

    2. Hey! People are stupid dude u just pissed me off about what you said to jazmyn that was stupid and rude you asshole!!

    1. umm maybe the friends of the guy who is completely alone making out with… oh right, no one lmao

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