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  1. What´s wrong with that ?!
    It´s true ! The end is very near !
    Nibiru ( Planet-X ) will destroy all of humanity on Dec. 21st 2012 !

    1. Good one. why dosent start looking at these comments?
      It makes me wonder, was that put up for the rapture on May 21st?

    1. Can i ask you something? How do u know where its letter corresponds to? Ur keyboard has the symbols or you have to learn them??

    2. They are Korean letters and yes, there are many keyboards you can type these letters with.
      the letters on the church actually means “the end of the LAND church.” well, it’s FAIL. no doubt.

  2. What’s worse, getting you news from a blogger or from CNN? Either way, that’s not true at all. Wouldn’t we see at least a star by now? Fail.

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