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  1. Oh hell yeah, I love it! Dog owner totally deserves it. I walk around Germany and their are tons of dog owners that just allow their pets to crap everywhere and never pick it up. I am guessing payback for all those times he stepped in it 😛

    1. u damn right
      i think every city in every country needs man like this
      I would even pay him

  2. People should scoop the poop… But seriously, this is so much worse.. inteligense fail, not funny fail.. That stuff is why you geeks get beat up in school, your wird and gross.

    1. You little piece of shit, I was laughing so hard until I read your gay comment. I hope your sister get’s pregnant next time you mistake her for one of your little faggot boyfriends.

    2. Well… at least they can spell words like “wird” and “inteligense” correctly. You’re sooo cool.

    3. toughass, don’t be such a pansyass. I fully support this type of activity. If you are going to let your dog shit everywhere and not clean it up, you deserve your dogs shit being rubbed on you, thrown at you and otherwise presented to you.

    4. The amount of times I’ve stepped in horrid stinking dogshit because the owner of the dog couldn’t be bothered to clean up after their animal… arrrghhhh… this caped crusader is a LEGEND!

      And lymbe… you may be more cogent than toughass, but your homophobia is showing.

      Tbf it’s prob too much to ask for people not to be racist or homophobic dickheads on a site dedicated to fails 😀

  3. They should have put shit on the tags section. Then I wouldn’t have to try and figure out too much what really happened

  4. Holy sh*t, that was funny as hell. Thumbs up for punishing a lazy dog owner, high-five for the stupid costume, and a big thanks for making my evening. Havn’t had a video make me laugh that much in a while.

  5. lymbe pyro, i just wish you would try this stunt on me.. 😉 Idd let my dog eat your tiny ass penis after im done with ya, then idd sit my naked but on your face and make you swallow 10tons of human feces. 😉 Seriously, stupid teenagers. <3

    1. btw.
      i dun carea hau ai speld stuf… i hit my first million as an teenager, let me guess you guys make undera 5dollars an hour. 😉

    2. Nice comeback douche, you really ripped me a new one. And those smiley faces will haunt me forever.

    1. I guess it’s safe to add ‘intelligence’ to the list of things that money can’t buy then.

  6. that was Superváclav! He’s famous in the Czech Republic right now. He punishes all people who do bad things in Prague.

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