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  1. That kid has a tattoo on his right shoulder? Well, he doesn’t want to marry her because he knows what a Biaaatch she really is.

  2. Borderline child abuse. Seriously. Jerk your kids around like this when they are little, then enjoy how f*cked up they become as adults.

    1. You are RIGHT. This mother is an idiot of the first rank and the worst kind. You can hear her giggling while the girl is yelling like a banshee and the boy is at freak-level-99. People who do this to their kids are just plain wrong.

  3. Typical woman. Get the point, hes just not that into you. God i hope they weren’t siblings, in that case the parent is REALLY fucked up.

  4. People are quick to assume they are siblings. This could very well be a child that is being baby sat. Plus all the child abuse comments…I mean yeah she prob could have intervened and broke the fight up but for the most part it just looked like a stupid fight between children.

    1. Depends on your definition of commitment:
      Female: A desire to get married and raise a family.
      Male: Not trying to pick up other women while out with one’s girlfriend.

    1. that’s just what I was thinking as I watched it.. if they really do get married this tape will be hilarious!!

    1. you too were crying and screaming at the girls? lol 🙂 damn, there are too many men like that in the world!!

  5. that mother should be run over. sitting there laughing while her kid is acting like a screaming moron and putting it on the web. what a fucking tool

  6. THAT’S Nicky No Name … When he was a Cry- Baby. Now Nicky No Name is Grown Up… He can’t find any Woman to marry him!!!!

  7. All who say this is child abuse must have never had children in a communal environment. Kids act this way all the time, over toys, games, who gets to ride in the front seat, who’s turn is it to choose a movie. And the mom was right not to step in, the kids have to learn how to settle things on their own. But maybe you are the parenting experts, ie you have no children of your own but garner so much information from Psych 210 and Supper Nanny.

    1. And what kind of education and parenting exactly do the children you mention have? What you say is laughable in scientific and parenting terms. Maybe take better care of the children you have and their disputes? Or are you the mama in the video. More on.

  8. This video is awesome.. those say “child abuse” you would also said the say them about “Charlie bit my finger & it hurts” … You don’t have kids or if you do; you would learn to enjoy these moments of your children learning to express their feelings for themselves in the most unusual & unguarded ways, instead of Mommy intervening .. your child will learn nothing if you “handle” all conflicts for them.. Adorable ! This is truly how grown men feel but afraid to communicate it in that & women feel but afraid to communicate it in that manner…

  9. Someone should slap that abusive piece of crap mother. She is abusing the poor boy. She needs to STFU and leave him alone, she just egging him on the who time. The little boy isnt a brat he is being messed with you dumb assfaces.

    1. OHHHKKK YOUNG MAN. First of all, where do you get off swearing WHILE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT ABUSE!? #2, The kids reaction is funny as hell and I had a good time watching this. She probably talked to him after she filmed this to show him at his wedding #3. You wouldn’t have a mouth like that if you respected the home your parents provided, for you, might i add. #4. HE will grow up and will NEVER REMEMBER THIS until she shows it to him. #5 If i did that and my mom didn’t film me, I would call her negligent.

  10. and i agree lisa shut up you bunch of up tight assholes its just a joke and kids need some kind of abusethese days or theyll be humorless self titled drones like yourselves (lavro) a bit of what you call abuse builds character better mental than physical just cuz people are on epic fail doesnt mean theyre low lifes

  11. 73 comments and not one person mentioned that the boy may not want to marry girls because he knows he is already having a secret affair with another kidergartener who is also a boy! dun Dun DUN… and also the boy and girl are not related since the girl said something about him coming over to her house so I really doubt that they are siblings but rather playmates… anyways the girl got friendzoned big time!

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