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  1. Dude on the right needs to go and chick needs to find clothes that fit. Gross on so many levels. Why do people subject themselves to such ridicule??? Stupid is as stupid does…

    1. RoccoL! Don’t talk about your girlfriend and boyfriend that way. After all, they took this pic especially for you…so be nice:-)

  2. Somebody needs to do something terrible to these two things, lock them in the basement and throw away the key, or bury them alive or something this is fucking terrible. Fucking black people are a waste of fucking space.

  3. this is what happens when the power goes off in the city and the freaky weirdoes come out to play…….noooooooooooooooooooooooo

    1. Don’t stereotype. Cause I think that shit is disgusting. Actually I got nauseous from looking at it

  4. I wouldn’t bury them, it will take me a month to dig the fucking hole, just do the dog thing, then take to the vets, and ask for a lethal injection, the one one on the left will be used to have everyday, diabetic ones

  5. I didn’t know they made an urban Kirby game: Kirby and the Hermey. That is one repulsive chick if it is one. I mean ugg not even a double bagger can fix that. This is the first time I can say I’m a scared white boy. I want to burn my retina now that I’ve seen this atrocity. If you’d hit them with an ugly stick they’d look better.

  6. that fat one looks like she double Oh-Dee’ed on cheese pizza,while the other one looks like it slept in hot fish grease.

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