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    1. he helped start off lap tops. made the first smart phone. was CEO at pixar at one point and changed animation forever (CEO when toy story came out) he founded the modern age of technology.

    1. “something about cancer i think…?”
      Just cancer m8. It’s like saying she’s a little pregnant

    2. The dim and horrible outlook people have on cancer is a little unfounded. Wile yes, shit happens medically, for the most part when it comes to cancer people die due to the infective treatments pharmaceutical corporations push to keep as the only legal options. Greed is another cancer and it’s killing our race, slowly and expensively. Occupy my friends, occupy.

      RIP Jobs, your non-upgradable computer fans are sure to miss your ideas for taking their money with flashy disposable electronics.

  1. Jobs had Pancreatic Cancer, see Patrick Swayze. Pancreatic Cancer is one of the worst forms, as there is no hope for recovery, yes it can be forced into remission, but when it comes back, it comes back with a vengeance, and death is usually quick to follow. Jobs was a true visionary, and regardless of how you felt about his company, personal politics, etc. the contributions he made to society cannot be denied, does that make him anymore important? maybe to some, maybe not to others, as untold thousands die every day, and given the chance the to live, maybe they could contribute just as much or even more. Regardless, show some class, and respect to his passing, as you’d want the same when you’re gone someday. RIP Steve.

    1. Wile I do know one person who died of pancreatic cancer 18 years ago, I know two people currently that have had and recovered from pancreatic cancer. Maybe there are different treatments here in Canada? Or maybe it’s the pot…

    1. Did he just say to a bunch of graduates that quitting school was the best thing that ever happened to him?
      Just sell your damn phones man

    1. uh… did you chisel this post onto a granite slab and let some poor “worldly, possession-laden fool” post this on the internet on your behalf?

  2. iCan’t believe all the fucking idiots treating this man like he was Gandhi or something. Yes, he was an incredibly wealthy man who came up with some nifty toys. He didn’t cure cancer, he didn’t perfect cold fusion, he didn’t create peace in the Middle East.

    Get over it.

    1. oh an i gues you are one par with Nikola Tesla then….and if you have not noticed there is never going to be peace on earth. nevermind about what happenes in the middle east sort out your own baackyard first before you go getting stuck into someone elses

    2. K, you douchcannoe, did you even listen to the speech in the video? He’s a great man because he wasn’t a great man. He dropped out of collage and starting with very little became very wealthy. Lots of people find this to be an admirable accomplishment. Personally I don’t give two shits about him or any of the flashy disposable crap his company came out with but accomplishment is accomplishment and you are a failure in comparison.

    3. lala: What in the fuck are you babbling about? First you bring up Nikola Tesla… why? Then you descend into a barely comprehensible rant about baackyards.

      I guess it all makes sense if you’re a crackhead.

  3. @PYRO: My comment was directed not so much at Jobs as at the fucking losers building shrines to him in Apple stores. I don’t doubt that he was a very accomplished individual, but the level of angst displayed at his death is just stupid.

    Also, it’s good to know that you’re watching me that closely that you know if I’m a failure or not.

    Now go eat shit and die, you fucking tool.

    1. I’m not the only tool. You missed the reply button. It’s not hard to miss failure with the spite you seem to portray toward someone like Jobbs. Yes there are losers that think he was some kind of god for founding the company that came out with their beloved iPhone but its there time and energy to waste. Much like its my time to waste sitting here laughing at you.
      You have yourself a wonderful day.

    2. You really are an idiot, aren’t you? I think somebody’s butthurt because I’m not gnashing my teeth at the passing of their god…

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