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    1. Haha@MCStuffin. Well, although I despise plastic surgery, I must admit, that he now looks better than before.

    1. He, obviously, picks up more gay men at the gay club he works at with this gayish Stuporman shit. So, I guess he can consider it a win.

    1. Wow, you are both really original, neither comment actually make sense either, idiots.

      I have no problem with homosexuality, Superman, however was not ever portrayed as a homosexual. Also, the comments about Superman actually wearing makeup are not accurate, the actors who played Superman in the movies or on TV wore makeup, but the guy’s obsession is with the comic book character.

  1. Superman probably wore more makeup than that guy…everyone in front of a camera in Hollywood does. The only thing Fail or disgusting about this is the homophobia and hate speech on this comments page. If looking like your favorite hero is what makes you happy, Herbert then Go for it.

    1. The sky is blue. This guy is a fucking freakazoid. Both are undoubtedly true. Where’s the hate speech?

  2. Impressive, the dude is 35yrs old!!!

    Can you not all come up with something more original than calling everyone a homosexual?! On almost everyone of the fail pics you all go on about ‘he’s a fag’, ‘what a homo’, ‘faggot’ bla bla bla etc. Change the damn record! What happened to all the funny quips people come up with? eg “Wow, plastic surgery does work!! Hulk here I come!!” -awesome! Someone with more than one brain cell that can only fire off ‘fag’ comments.
    C’mon boys, show the world you more then one lame ‘insult’ and your brains are in you heads not in your nuts.

  3. This just cements it–get your plastic surgery needs taken care of in the Philippines. The sheer number of passable trannies and this totally proves that they have the best skill when it comes to totally remodeling a person’s face and body.

  4. I’m so fucking confused with what language they’re speaking… it’s like english and spanish and some weird sounding shit here and there

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