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    1. people like you are ignorant. “First!”. lol. its sad that youre on epicfail at 4:41 in the morning just to say “first”. lol

    2. mj is very correct in his statement. the first thing is immature, ignorant, insolent, and a complete waste of the human genome. please, all you “first” potsers, dont reproduce. please?

    3. @MJ- hey jackass did u ever think this person is in a different time zone? Im 3hrs behind from where ever this site is originated so everytime I post, it doesnt post as my time an even if the comment was posted sometime around 4 am so what?! Did u ever give thought this person has insomnia an went on epicfail outta boredom? Or up early for work? God, ur a stupid ignorant fuck!

    1. I want to know how one would find a way, to make all of those little pixels that make the “Like Button”, a currency. o_o

  1. I’m not sure what the biggest fail is here… the man hitting his wife… that he’s sad enough to have a well-used Facebook account… or that Mark Zuckerberg claims to have invented Facebook to ‘make the world more connected’. Lying bastard. Suppose the wife-beating wins… but only just.

  2. Ignorant little assholes the lot of you, but the one who pretty much just PWNED the idiot for saying ‘first.’ First of all, she doesn’t have to hit the like button. Especially if she didn’t have a Facebook. Second, the man got what he deserved for a total jack off in beating his wife when she didn’t hit the like button. I don’t expect people to hit the like button when I post a status. Most of my friends are either busy working all the time or not really giving a damn. It’s an online thing. Who cares?!

  3. DO you think I like doing this to you!!! HUH!!! Look what you made me do! Look at your face you dirtly little slut… I bet you like this HUH!…HUH??? Answer me damnit!

    I can see it now. so sad

  4. I would have to presume that this “like” situation was just the icing on the cake. Honestly, the guy sounds like a total wack job. Hopefully the judge orders a psychiatric evaluation bc this guy obviously needs it. What the hell is wrong with ppl these days?

  5. I never understood why someone would post something tragic or sad and expect people to “LIKE” it. As in: “I LIKE the fact your mom is dead”. That sort of thing ends up on this site.

    Also, where is RoccoL to point out that guys last name was “Benito”?

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