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    1. Yeah, I’ve always thought she was confused about her sexuality and only “thought” she liked that fuckup Chuck. Bet she eventually tossed Marcy’s salad.

  1. Sorry, what does tossing of salad mean? I know it’s sexual but what does it mean? It’s embarrasing to ask this question

    1. It means eating a persons asshole. Commonly referenced with using condiments and peanut butter and jelly and syrup. It comes from animals in jail doing this. Not to be confused with a rim job, which if a girl has good hygiene, well it is quite nice to lick her asshole. But there still is a possibility of getting parasites, even with a nice clean feces exploder, and other bacteria that can give you diarrhea and other nasty problems. And yet I still am going to continue to do this with dates and girlfriends. And a lot of girls wont admit they like it, but it drives them crazy. Lots of nerve endings down there.

      I learned all of this on Mr. Wizard.

    1. You are clearly NOT the real Sarah Bachmann. Sarah Bachmann never backs up her statements with facts. That’s what I heard anyway from this woman I met outside the other day who had a child that turned retarded after attending one of Sarah Bachman’s rallies.

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