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    1. his only goal is to bleed the welfare system dry. If he looks unhirable the system has to support him. I guess they think they’ve found a loophole. In Canada, some provinces they’ll ban welfare assistance to these self-imposed freaks… You’d be amazed at the instant transition these freaks make back into society once you cut off their free ride 😉

    2. @amywinehouse, i really dont apreciate your tone or meassage. look, im all for laughing at other peoples expense, but id like to keep the “self imposed freaks” out of this. How do you know he dosent have a job? and u dont know the story behind this picture, i have been an outsider most my life (the kinda distant goth girl who loves horror movies) an i hate when people make assumtions and refuse to give someone a chance just cuz theyre different. maybe he was dressed like this to entertain his kids or somethin, i dont think he did it for his own amusement, he dont look too happy. u gotta look past the initial picture to see the truth before you judge.

    1. Exactly! Massive amounts of drugs are bad, but recreational use of drugs is ok. 😉

  1. Is it just me or does the guy somewhat resemble The Undertaker from wrestling. Did not really watch wrestling much, but I always did remember him growing up.

  2. this dude looks like jason X on crack his chin looks like its bleeding with no reason in less those fag’s he sucked off popped them zits on his face with there dicks

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