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    1. ian not to soon too late. steve jobs steped down several mouths ago. but your to drumb to know that I guess.

  1. What a pretentious, retarded, horrible little man. Lucky for him there’s probably no such thing as God or karma.

    1. Nothing is certain, hence I used the adverb “Probably”. However… logic, reason and experience lead me to believe that God (at least in the traditional sense) and karma (beyond our own feelings of guilt and the probability of good/ bad ‘fortune’) are inventions of man, intended to explain that which cannot be explained, justify our existence/ nature and control/ comfort the masses. This is getting a little deep for a fail site…

      ( . )( . ) O===3 Ahh that’s better.

    2. Ok, that`s cool. But by typing ` ( . )( . ) O===3 ` you acknowledged that there are two higher powers that control the universe and everything in it.

    3. Thanks. I thought that up while watching Asian midget bondage porn. And yes, I tend to agree… cocks and tits seem to be in charge of everything 😉

    4. @ bong
      A noun = a thing
      Is an idea not a thing?
      Karma in Indian religions is the concept of “action” or “deed”, understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect(concept is a thing).

  2. Jobs refused to acknowledge his 1st child and that forced her and her mother to go on welfare. Jobs didn’t invent squat, he did do a good job of promoting though. In his dying days he was more concerned with his legacy then making amends with his kids and people who he alienated. Jobs was a poser, even at the very end. He was a corporate NoCal version of a Jersey Shore idiot. Green Day Rocks, Jobs is partnering up with Lucifer on the iCasket and iSoul.

    1. The public ass kissing and veneration of a dead telephone salesman is baffling. Not so sure I wanted Jobs to actually die of cancer, but the man was not a saint and those worshipping his corporate image are just mindless sheep.

    2. people are worshipping him because he became a fashion icon, apple began to produce fashion accesories, they sold inferior technology for triple the price, and the appfags just keep buying into it, its like what nintendo did with the wii, but they didnt rip you off that much. Anyway first came the Iphone, then the ipod, and now finally the IDIED

    3. I was gonna type my disgust about the glorification of this guy Jobs but this group of replies covers it nicely

    4. Most media outlets are fellating Jobs corpse. It’s uncool to die young and otherwise healthy, but this jerk robbed his kids of a proper fathering, and that is the crime with this egomaniac. I wonder, did he get a liver ahead of a more deserving (poorer) person??

    5. I’m not one for speaking ill of the dead, but you’re absolutely right. You didn’t even mention the shitty things he did to Steve Wozniak. It makes me sick to see the media worship his bullshit memory.

    6. Jobs was evil and got what he deserved. I saw some video where he was in a haze and babbling about how is goal is to simply obtain information about people. The iGadgets are simply a way to gain information on people. I knew a guy who sold his database of names/emails from a Travel agency he once ran…for $10,000 (10 years ago). Jobs was a virus. Facebook is the same. Jobs made great equipment, and he also flushed out the knobs of society with their Apple worship.

  3. It’s funny that this retarded faggot wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for Macintosh products and their ability to FIX horrid audio.

  4. there was no sound on my end from the video – yeah (for those REALLY fucking genius ball-sacks) i have sound hooked up.

    1. ok I got it – equipment volume up – system volume down – now I am a ball-sack – but billy joe is a slimey turd sucking punk-ass bitch. man what a looser. i am glad i don’t listen to that fucking idiot.

    1. lol.. no no… he clearly says Steve Jobs die of fucking cancer. And although Im not entirely offended by that, I do think its a completely random thing to scream out during a concert..

    2. He was probably sick of seeing all the zombies in the audience holding up their iPhones taking pictures / videos instead of enjoying the show. Never been a fan of GD, but I see that at other shows and it’s quite annoying.

    3. DumbMale has a point here. Well done. I remember when society made fun of the Japanese for taking pictures of everything. Now, today’s society is doing the very thing they made fun of in the last generation. Simple Rule – ask permission to take a video or photo of someone.

  5. Steve Jobs deserved to die. He never gave any money to ANY charities and he is half Syrian Muslim. Fuck Steve Jobs-adobajinidad.

  6. Steve Jobs deserved to die. He never gave any money to ANY charities and he is half Syrian Muslim. Fuck Steve Jobs-adobajinidad.

  7. the only fail i see is the shity emo band this would have been a win if this came from tom araya. Then again slayer does not give a shit about steve jobs legacy of faggotry. Also everyone keeps reporting it wrong he died of aids not cancer stupid mac faggots.

  8. SHUT THE FUCK UP BASTARDS!! GREEN DAY IS FUCKING EPIC!!! yeah, BJ did something really wrong there.. but still … people die EVERYFUCKINGDAY!!! and green day is awesome, and always will be…

  9. I love Green Day to death, their my favourite band. I think this was just kind of an awkward slip in the moment. I mean yeah, it’s bad to say something like that, but it doesn’t mean BJA’s a terrible person or anything.

  10. guys you understand he was on drugs. also none of you clearly know anything about rock. Rock music is known for doing stupid controversial offensive shit. and i understand the fact that he was on drugs was stupid but till hes not a terrible person for it. I dare all you to take drugs drink a bottle of alcohol or smoke weed and i guarantee you’ll say something offensive that you’ll regret. so chill.

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