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  1. It sounds like he is saying he was absent because his uncle died and his mom sent him to the store and he got in a wreck and hurt his finger and back

    1. No he means that. he was absent because he’s uncle is already dead. so she was absent for two days. and her mother commanded her to buy fruit on the store. and when he ride on a motor cycle he didn’t know that the driver was drunk and crashed on a stone. and he flew away but. luckily there was many leaves and he landed there. but his finger and his body hurts after he landed.

  2. its simple he broke his finger that hurts btw trying to go buy fruit for his dead uncle on his motor(cycle) i assume right after he got fuc<ing wasted so he thought he was absent cause Duh! he was on something…

    my guess of course

  3. 40 days after a death in the family, Armenian people gather to celebrate that person. I think that’s what he’s talking about. On his way to buy fruits, he had an accident. Poor guy.

    BUT : My brain is bleeding now I understood what he meant.

    1. but if he’s american, howcome his english looks worse than the accident he had?

      ho i get it! he got a serious head injury too!

  4. easy: he was using google translate or babelfish to translate something in English from his mother tongue. Probably his homework – an essay about his day or something.
    where’s my gold star?

  5. ouh la la is correct, and I believe it was the anniversary of the 40 days. next day couldn’t go to school because his mom wanted him to buy fruit, and on the way, via car or motorcycle (motor is a common use of the word automobile, or “motorcycle” or “Vehicle” as is the term “auto”) when he was hit by a drunk cab driver, and he flew off the bike as a result, and upon landing, he hurt his back and finger, but the flight saved his life.

  6. Either results of a traumatic brain injury, drugs (for a long time or a LOT in a short time) or psychosis. OR, this is someone simply screwing around.

  7. This is what i think…

    Dear ma’am
    Sorry for my long absence, like I absent on February 9 – 11 and February 9 is in 40 days when my uncle died. On February 12, in the morning, my mother asked me to buy some fruit on store . I was riding in motorcycle, but I didn’t know that the driver was drunk. The motorcycle crashed on a stone. That’s the reason why I gone away. I’m ok, I have many duties but my back and finger aren’t ok. because they’re painful and I can’t move. Every day very my body hurts a lot.
    I’m sorry

    1. You made it sound worse you stupid dickhead. Fuck off and die, sounded funny until you spoilt the story and made it sound gay as. Go learnt how to lick your own balls for a while..

    2. Dear Student
      I’m sorry for not teaching in the class, (maybe like somewhere in september 20-28) because I suffered severe brain damage for reading your letter. I’m hoping for your kind of consideration.
      Do your best on changing your “I’m not know the driver is drunkard thing”
      your CONCERNED teacher,
      Ms. (***** * ****)

  8. Must be Mexican, not only because of the horrible grammar but only a Mexican bitch would demand their child “for buy on fruit of store” instead of making them go to school.

  9. lol I thought my English was terrible. Lmao the worst part who wrote this letter must be an English speaking person …… cannot write in your own language lmao

  10. simple, its the 40th day of his uncles death, some countries do gather and have a small celebration for that person. that morning his mom asked him to go buy fruits, he rode a motorcycle going to the market. (some countries like philippines, india, malaysia, etc. uses motorcycle as public transportation). the driver of the motorcycle is drunk so they bumped into a stone or probly he meant a wall or whatever. the motorcycle got stunned and left thier body flying into the bushes, or probly some plant at the side of the street. he said he was ok but his back and his finger are hurting.

  11. This is written in almost exactly the same way that the deaf friends I have write in emails on a regular basis, I would bet anything this guy has never heard a sound a day in his life. Trying to translate ASL from birth into written English doesn’t work well.

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