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    1. Don’t run away from dinner !!! Grab it by the neck and teach that turkey were it belong in the food chain.

  1. 1st) I totally thought she was going to get smashed by that mail truck while running from the turkey.
    2nd) I realized that could NEVER happen due to the fact that the mail truck somehow teleports to the other side of the street and turns around to help her with her turkey business.

    You have legs though lady. Seriously. Kick something or chop his damn head off. End.

  2. She said she was shaking because she was scared? It’s a fucking TURKEY! It’s not like it was Cujo trapping her in the car, it’s a bird. Pathetic.

  3. And people drive to the store and pay for a turkey, or sit out in drizzling rain to bag one. One snap of that fucker’s neck and soup’s on.

    1. Shooting them is better. I still wanted to see what would happen if that thing lanced her open with it’s spurs.

    1. typical moron unable to find alternative words to articulate a pathetic attempt to stereotype one nation amongst an entire collection of imbecillic, disfunctional countries! allow me to simplify it so you may understand a little more effortlessly.. typical [insert native country here].. the dick cock penis pecker wang schlong sit behind computer in safety of moms flat.. unless its game release day ( jack ass) then it grow balls n ask mommy for $

  4. I would get that turkey sooooooooooo stoned and keep it as a pets for the thanksgivings, we would feast on roast old cowardly lady & graveh

  5. For some1 who never seen a living turkey it can be scary, anyways turkeys can bite very painfull… U all so brave on front of your monitor…

    1. If you run towards them they will turn tail and run away from you. Yes, I am very brave when it comes to fuckwitted turkeys. Either in front of or behind my monitor. Roosters will play that same bully game, btw.

    2. lol Jandra does make a somewhat valid point. Having grown up on a ranch I can say that the toms there were rather violent and would charge you without thinking twice. Being a kid it was quite scary. As an adult, however, I am not sure that I would run from it.

    3. Don’t run from them, when they go to kick, kick that thing in the chest, remember it is a 20 pound object. If you kick it square in the chest it will stop and think unless he’s really gung ho otherwise kick it harder you won’t kill it unless you try to kick a field goal. I have a pretty aggressive rooster and we have turkey’s around. They can get mean and will dominate you if you let him.

    4. Well, when I was about 5 yrs old my grandmother had a tom and the fucker wouldn’t let me out of the house. So I finally got tired of the fucker and picked me up a stick and went after his ass. He turned tail and ran. So, they are like most bullies. They aint shit.

      Now in this case the turkey is minding his own business and this bitch comes up fucking with him with a camera. And before it’s over it’s the turkeys fault. I mean she had the opportunity to get away and she kept coming back. What’s up with that?

  6. I can understand her! I was once chased down a country road by a pack of domestic geese. It sounds funny, but they can be really aggressive.

    1. a pack of huge birds is way different than just 1…I know cause we have a pack of 10 and they are as good as a guard dog…

  7. The turkey didn’t seem aggressive… if she would just stand still I doubt if it would have pecked her… I dk… maybe I’m crazy. Just seemed a lil bit of an overreaction….. 🙂

  8. “Jesus christ , NOOOOOO , go away , help , he want stop ,its true , HELLPPPP ”

    Actually she could have the same conversation with Satan .

  9. women overreact to everything. maybe this turkey was livin’ it up because it knew turkey hunting season was coming up soon.

  10. My aunt had this same exact experience. I was petting the turkey’ out in my grandparents yard and when she came out all 3 of them started chasing her. lol

    1. My turkey and chickens will eat the leftovers from cleaning my deer. Pretty good at cleaning it up all the scraps too. Bet ya’ll didn’t see them as carrion birds huh.

  11. People calling her a chicken, have you ever been chased b a turkey? The are big animals, they are freaky looking, and they can peck your eyes out. You would back away too, then it would chase you, and you would run. know this from experience people, they want your flesh and they will get it if you do not leave quickly.

    1. I reckon if she had stood still he would have tried to hump her. Male turkeys get VERY amorous, and they don’t discriminate the species.

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