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  1. Honesty WIN, 2 kids plus another one inside FAIL. PS: she’s not THAT ugly by the way. If she takes off that goth-look and gets fixed up a little she’s actually preety 😀

  2. Lol, I love how she adds “now here is the catch”. Some catch there honestly lol. No man in his right mind would hook up with her unless they were just looking for a good piece of ass seriously. Maybe if she closes her legs and waits a few years she may get a good guy to come along. Or at least for god’s sake use a condom or birth control. On another note…wonder how she got her kids taken away lol.

    1. sadly enough, i agree with you… this world has two many people on it, we don’t need more of this bitch to ruin it even further.

  3. she’s a keeper NOT she cant be serious what dude would take her u know she is easy i bet u don’t even have 2 say but only 2 sentence’s and this bitch on her knee’s asking for u 2 give her it all

  4. Seems pretty worthless. I hope she never gets her kids back. She’ll just abuse and neglect them. She’s more concerned with finding a man on craigslist. Poor kids.

  5. Im mad she said “here’s the catch” when she said she was she selling some shit over tv…”buy a snuggie, heres the catch! it comes wit 2 kids!” smh..dis bitch is nuts..

  6. Ladies and gentlemen… we have a loser. Everybody point and laugh. … but yeah… I really wanna date someone who is knocked up but doesn’t plan to keep the baby. She’s definitely gonna be able to commit to me… even though she can’t commit to the life she took part in creating.

  7. Guess she couldn’t come up with money for the previous 2. She’s serious this time, like for reals, not going to buy rock with the money this time.

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