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  1. Wow props on the good timing, gazelle thing or whatever. But really, I hope they shot it. Fucking learn your place, animal bitch.

    1. damn right its human territory. stupid automaton animals. the only way this would be funny is if the guy on the bike was one of those animal loving freaks.

  2. Not gonna lie i was expecting a lion or something to come after the gazzele and jump on the other guy lol. Definitely will be a funny memeory a month from now.

  3. going out in Africa by a wild animal is one thing. going out by an impala while riding your bike through Africa? not happenin’ here. you are fair game my friend, and then the lion eats the impala and your guts are eaten by the pride.
    and this douche is gonna tell his great-grand-kids about his fuck up, and they will think he is cool as hell, not a stupid douche.

  4. You never see this on the discovery channel. I bet gazelle kill more humans from impaling then lions do from scratching humans.

  5. Pussy needs to learn now to ride a bike. He was probably distracted from looking at himself in a mirror. Your not sponsored by jeep. tight wearing POSER

  6. yeah this is why you wear a helmet…a gazelle might tag you at nay corner…..EVEN if you use the correct hand signals….

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