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    1. dude have you seen the utensils on the table ? She is in a fucking 5 star restaurant pooring the sauce all over the table for the sake of her fucking duck face. Pathetic bitch wasting all that good food. It’s not a fucking burger and if you want a picture of it we don’t need your silly face in it as well…. Haven’t you learn manners ?

  1. The fail is the plate-bowl… What is the point of such a stupid item? Put a steak on top of your soup? But then you can’t eat you soup too…

  2. this is a multi fail, idiot bitch that can’t hold the plate and pose at the same time.. also the fucking duck face! god only know how much I hate it.. at the end of the day, she doesn’t look that hot, but still I would fuck her, you know, angry sex to slap the duck face out of the bitch, I wouldn’t take her to that restaurant, seems to classy for her… maybe grab son subway and go straight to the fucking business.

    1. he’d call her a fucking idiot then face palm then yell GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT you classless bitch GET OUT yup i said it lol *i watch to much kitchen nightmares and hells kitchen*

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