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    1. This is actually my apartment. It’s all about organising the piles… takeaway boxes to the right of the television, bottles and wrappers to the left. So long as there is room on the sofa and the rats have something to eat, there’s really not a problem.

    2. Yup but i wonder what’ll happen when the rats get tired of eating scraps… ooh maybe they’ll go after human flesh ^.^

    3. I happen to have a fine and proud member. Ask your mum. And dad. And cat*

      *or other family pet.

    4. Stef … did you noticed nobody gives a shit about you .. its actually called Hoarding who the fuck are you … !!! we dont give a shit ,,,

  1. Aww…. you could get a hooker!!….. but i bet they won’t wanna come in an apartment with such a mess….. sucks for you, sorry >.<

    1. Yeah, hookers are notoriously hygienic but there are some willing to venture inside. Although I had to pay the last one double because she said rat bites counted as a ‘fetish extra’. Outrageous, I know. Wont be giving her another Cleveland Steamer any time soon.

  2. Yeah, there’s hoarding, then there’s just plain LAZY. I used to remodel repo homes, and every last one was a nasty mess. Not all of them had a mental illness called hoarding. They were just lazy whiners.