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    1. Well kill joy, when his daughter was saying “wee wee” she was referring to her un-matured bladder control, not enjoying the “horsie ride”!! And on top of that, get that kid some new pants and yourself a new shirt you golden shower loving sicko!!

  1. thats actually a motherfucking Dad win motherfuckers. We can get away with that type of shit just cus we ganstah like that.

  2. Nothing irresponsible about this AT ALL. What a great dad! His little girl pees all over him and it’s business as usual. Still gets to ride on dad’s shoulders even! THAT is one cool dad.

  3. Thats a dad win! What the fuck is he supposed to do? Drop the kid and cry like a little bitch cause of some baby pee? Fuck no, you take your kid to the bathroom change ’em and carry the fuck on.

    1. because when you’re a dad it can take a lightning bolt up your ass to notice something like that. Seriously its like you get so used to your kids crying, throwing fits and being kids that you just stop paying attention to them. When my son was 1 he shit in my lap as I was carrying him into a Target Store (fucker undid his diaper somehow). Went to the food section, got some napkins; wiped it off and kept going like a Boss!

  4. It happens. My kids diapers get filled like that and start leaking like water balloons, sick and disgusting water balloons. My 2 year old loves to have a filled diaper, he cries when I change his diaper. He lies about having a dirty diaper because he loves when it leaks all over the place. My 2 year old boy even grabs the turds from his diapers and drops them on the floor when nobody is watching. Kids are so so great. God I hate my life. Just kidding. Thats just the crap you have to deal with. You can’t just hate your kids for peeing on you. I’ve been peed and pooped on by all three of my kids. the worst is when the my fingers slip out of the wipe when I’m wiping poop. gross.

  5. You can tell which commentators don’t have kids.
    I’ve had this happen to me more than once.
    It isn’t a fail or a win, it’s life.

  6. hes russhin or something i know hes not american or from uk because of the writing on the sign so yeah russhins kick ass

  7. ‘feels freezy on my back, feels like I’ve carried this child for so long that I’m exercicsing so much and now there’s sweat runniong down my back, like a MAN.’ hhh Sure :3 Smelly sweat.

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