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    1. so what do you like? tennis? synchronized swimming? figure skating? probably going down on men!!! you fruitloop !!!

  1. I hate it when everyones laughing and I’m missing the damn point. Can someone explain wtf happened?
    “Not from around these parts am I. Ma’am.” That’s my Yoda-John Wayne imitation

    1. Dude was supposedly going to punt the ball downfield, to be caught by the other team, but instead he ran it unexpectedly for a touchdown (his own team knew about it, of course). However, as he approached the endzone, he spread his arms in ‘celebration’ of having pulled off the trick play. This is against the new rules, and the touchdown was nullified. Now you know.

    2. What a load of shit,if you pull off a great move why can’t you celebrate on your way to scoring? Why can’t people like us enjoy it when you get a similar play and someone celebrates early, trips on a shoelace, drops the ball and gets kicked in the nuts. We live for that shit!!

  2. I’m not surprised that the first team to have a touchdown called back for this was the dumbass assholes at LSU.

    Not to worry though, I’m sure they blew off a little steam later that night by going to a bar and beating a few citizens into comas.

  3. LoL, this is the most stupid rule i have EVER seen! What is bad about celebrating?! It’s like denieing racers in F1 to rev their engines, just STUPID!

  4. why do they call it a “win” when he got the touchdown nullified and a 15 yard penalty?? it was a partial win I guess, for tricking the other team. but sheeeet!!! he totally failed by screwing up the being a dickhead… IMO

    1. lolz, says the Canadian douche bag 😉
      I had to read down just to get what the hell was faked- all football sucks.
      they should have a button to release the attack dogs when someone acts like a jerk, problem solved, no more rule benders 😉

  5. spreading your arms slightly is a penalty? What if he lost his balance and had to pread his arms slightly to regain balance… is that still a penalty?

    This is my new excuse to not watch college football, unfortunately the NFL is getting to be just as bad with their pansy rules.

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