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  1. This is why such a high percentage of black criminals are put in jail every year… it’s rather difficult to run away with pants around your ankles.

  2. OK That’s Too Much
    I’m A Follower Of The Baggy Pants Culture And That’s My Style
    But That’s Just TOO MUCH!!!!!


  3. You blackies wonder and whine how there are no jobs for your young niglets.
    I give you the typical teen-aper in America as shown above.

  4. I used to be a City Bus Driver and it was funny as hell watching these dumn fucking blacks, wetbacks, and white trash fuckers with their pants down running for the bus holding their pants up with one hand. How stupid and clownish.

    1. Dear Mr./Mrs. Bus Driveer, Your ass cant say shit your so poor mcdonalds gives you free food,ANNNDDDD you have to sit around in those wetbacks,blacks,and white trash stench, ALL day plus most bus drivers are fat as fuck from all the free mcdonalds they get so im guessing your ass would be in the takining care of yourself fail category, sorry if this insulting, if you have a prob call me faat ass 612 522 6495

      with love, A lost soul :3

    2. who the fuk u callin wetbacks muthafuka! im hispanic nd i dnt fuken sagg my shorts/pants like that fuken nigga. ill fuk u up

    1. its only ignorant because society says it is, -.- now if the world had been run by black people from the start, and it ended up being 2012 everyone would be fuckin saggin till their asses had fallen off like this guy in the pic,but when that one white guy at the bank/liquor store/convenient store (im guessing this building was made by blacks,but in another world it would be whites) wore his pants on his hips like a “normal” person, then he would be called ignorant by some black guy……………………………………………………….. i can see into the future i seeeee . . . . alota haters hatin on my hatin later on,and retarded word fighting happening on this page lol 🙂 dramas funny aas shit to other people so im starting sum by accident :3

  5. um… yeah…. you see… we try so hard to maintain tolerance…. Im just glad its NOT a black thing…. just an individual who doesnt know how to get dressed by himself.

  6. Is it really to hard to get a fucking pair of pants that cover your ass.
    I admit Its hot when My boyfriends pants sag a lil

  7. funny part is i know where this place is, and his blackness level seems about right for a bank thats inside a liquor store/convenient store (this coming from a black person so its not as racist as it should be) :3

  8. black people takin over niggassssss, see we can be black and white,so we r slowly takin over paay back bitchessss

  9. niggas backwards…saggin. hahaa. pull ur fuken shorts/pants up nigga! looks like u just shit ur fuken shorts/pants!!!

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