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    1. That’s funny, I was gonna say you know the waiter looked and said, “That guy tipped me an r??” But then I come to the comment section and half of you tards don’t get it either. Go back to school. Buncha morons.

    1. pi ≠ 3.14
      pi = 3.145etc, given that you round up to the nearest cent, he short changed her a penny as it rounds up to $3.15

  1. thats not a tip win. Thats like an 8% tip…Fail!!! I hope he/she left extra cash. Being clever isnt going to pay the server’s bills…just saying.

    1. The last thing I think about when I’m paying bills is, gee I hope my 15% will help cover this servers electrical bill. We’re there to eat, get a BETTER JOB if you need to pay your bills

    2. I don’t know where you guys are from. But where I live, 10% is generally an acceptable tip in the food industry.

    3. Frank your a fukn fag! j/s! I work for tips and I look down on cheap fucks just like you. Haven’t you learned any thing? Never fuck with the ppl handling your food! Your just mad you survived the failed coat hanger abortion. Your mother should have swallowed your useless ass.

    4. 10% is not an acceptable tip, it’s a shitty tip. Servers only get paid $2 an hour. So fuck you if you think it “ok’ to leave only a buck for every ten you spend. Do us all a favor and tip your wait staff and bar tenders at least 20%, that’s two bucks for every ten spent, is that to much to ask? Cheap fucks…

    5. Get a better job Master Shake. You mad I live in a country where people get paid enough and don’t require tips? You want more wages then write to your government. Others work hard for their money and they should have to pay your salary (which is your bosses job) too?

      PS, means f*ck all unless he goes there again because tips come AFTER the food has been eat. You work as a waiter and still didn’t grasp that.

    6. You don’t like cheap tips? Get a better job asshole. The guy at macdonald’s has a MUCH shittier job than you and I’m sure you don’t tip him do you? Fuck off.

    7. Umm servers get paid about 3 dollars an hour, so most of their paycheck comes from tips. People are so cheap…

    8. 8% of 26 is a good price lol fuck waitresses dont do nuttin anymore to deserve more then 7% most places

    9. I’m a waitress and honestly that’s a pretty legit tip. Funny too. Better something than nothing. Be an optimist trick.

  2. Maybe he or she was a shitty server and didn’t even deserve this much. Maybe he or she should be grateful that he or she got anything at all. Maybe, just maybe, the customer DID leave some extra cash. Just appreciate this for what it is. A hilarious internet photo and stop being so damn analytic.

  3. Everyone fucking arguing over tip% and weather its a good tip or not are the true Epic Fails on this page. Your arguing over a fucking clever picture. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well excuse me while everyone is calculating away meaningless numbers, I’m claiming First!!!
    AHAHAHAHAHA /laughs at the moon and the moon smiles back in its lunatic grin

  5. And I quote,
    “I don’t tip because society says I have to. All right, if someone deserves a tip, if they really put forth an effort, I’ll give them something a little something extra. But this tipping automatically, it’s for the birds. As far as I’m concerned, they’re just doing their job. “


    2. I just want to point out that the government considers tips mandatory, which is why the minimum wage for a tipped position is 40% less. I have to agree, a server should deserve the tip, but they also deserve to be paid minimum wage.

  6. I’m with you on that one Master Shake!!!! If everyone had the best job how would the world be?? If we were all brain surgeons who would be there doing the other things!!! Seriously some people can be a douche!!! I work off of tips too!! And yeah I don’t work for fun!! I think we all work to pay our bills ASS (Frank)!!!

  7. they are really luck that the fool did not know π = 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510…
    or they would have had one hell of a bill

    1. don’t listen to this fcker above.. in US isn’t better.. I tip only when the waitress is cute or at least deserve it…

    1. F the amount total was only 26 bucks.. lets say that person (a poor, intelligent student) been there for 20 min and the waitress is making $8/h but got more than this one table in an hour. 3 buck is reasonable.

  8. The person who decided tips had to be 15% was an idiot. it’s not harder to bring a 40$ plates than a 15$ one. It’s just the government trying to screw us, as always.

  9. well they took the hourly wage with the average tip and made a decision to leave anywhere from a 12-20 % tip depending on the quality of the service and restaurant. A rule of thumb i was always told was to double the first number which would be roughly a 20%($5.50)…and for you not so cheap assholes make it $6 and who knows you might have made someone’s day. most average americans work middle class jobs. for you pieces of shit who don’t tip…put your life in any of there shoes and than see how it feels to be kind, serve people, and still get stiffed. don’t know if this waiter was a prick though so i can’t be certain.

  10. I was a waiter for like 2 years, so I usually tip 20-30%. I’m just not a cheap ass. You can spot out the cheap people.. they order water with lemon -_-

    1. Actually just because I order a water with lemon has nothing to do with what I tip my server. If my server is a shitty server, then they get nothing, that is the ultimate slap in the face. If my server can keep my glass filled, my food spit free, etc. basically just short of giving me a handy, then they won’t be starving that night because of the tip I give them. I don’t tip more than 10-15% for lunch, just because its a light meal, and usually doesn’t require a whole lot of work. Besides the best way to calculate what you should give for a tip should be based off the restaurant’s own policy for gratuity which is usually posted for all to see. Most Restaurants charge 18% for a group of six or more, on individual bills regardless if they’re together or not. SO they can make a shit ton of money off one table. You people complaining for more money, either switch jobs or become better servers.

  11. I always leave a five depending on the restaurant n how good the service is I can’t belive you cheap bastards.

  12. Funny yes, win no. I am a server, i’d like to know where these ppl think we make minimum wage, server wage is 2.65 hour hasnt changed since 1974. Obviously if you cant tip you cant afford to eat there. 20 % 15% if their bad. But then the ppl that dont tip or set their goals extremely high to plz, werent raised right to begin with.

  13. i guess most of the people in here didnt get it.. cause they know shit math.. and by the way here in greece (where π was invented and still used on the planet) we dont tip.. fuck them..

  14. To those telling the server to find a better job: With an unemployment rate of 10% for general folks and 18.7% for youth any job is a good job. It would be great to be able to get a better job, but in this economy people don’t have choices, they take what they can get.

    Tip scale:
    10%= bad
    15%= average
    20%= good.
    When you don’t tip a server at all you are taking food off their plates. They only get 2-3$ an hour and in many places the tips are pooled and split, so you’re not hurting your server, you’re hurting all of them.

    And for the record, we are doing something about the US sucking, have you not heard of the Occupy movement taking place nationally?

  15. All of you that whine that servers do not get enough and they depend on tips need to STFU. They took the job and if they do not do above the minimum expected for that job then they should not get a tip. 20% is reserved for those that impress the customer, NOT a minimum like KATE said above. If you want real pay, get a job that gives you rel pay, get an education or learn a trade. Often, if impressed, I will tip 30-50 % of a tab.

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