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    1. You realise that more than one type of corrective eyeglass lens exists right? near sighted, long sighted etc Just because he has glasses on does not mean that he needs them to read with.

    2. uh, @spr808, i have nearsided glasses and it is almost impossible to read w/ them on cuz the words are so small, while i personally dont wear them around my neck some people do.

  1. i’m hoping he’s just trolling….i think it’d be creepier if it was an old woman saying that same speech. it’d also make more sense

  2. That Grandpa is awesome. Will you be as cool to your grand children to do this video for them when your 90 years old? I’m sure this is like take 25 as he really works hard to keep a straight face when he says fake cock. LOL..

  3. LMAO! I fucking love this guy!
    1. I would love for him to be my dad if he was that funny. Pure WIN!
    2. If this IS fake, it’s even funnier because he went through the trouble to do it and actually script it.
    3. If it’s real … I tip my hat to you sir.

  4. awww cum on “ ì hate gays“ , we both know that you like a nice big hard hunk of man meat in your mouth as you gaze up and look at the big bear of a man thats about to empty his ball sac into your waiting throat. You little homo bitch.

  5. 10 yrs later, lol
    dont think its fake, i had a grandma that pulled the same stuff with an uncle, its true intention was probably so the son would find it and figure out pretty quick that if he does straighten his shit out he was going to get screwed, just like daddy said at the end. This guy is my new hero.

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