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  1. Seriously? How is this a win? I would like my 3:22 back please! No “Fuck you BOSS! You bald-headed tool!” Just…”I quit”?!?! WTF?

    1. ‘class’ !? what video were you watching!? He’s a disgruntled, now unemployed, bell-boy who plays brass band instruments with his nerdy friends. I would of just told the ‘boss’ he was a balding ginger cunt. Looks like Jared has AIDs too

    2. That was inspiring you fuckers. If I had a shitty job (luckilly I don’t) I only wish to had the balls to pull something like that.
      “Fuck you Boss”? Seriously?

    3. Class would be to be a man about his disagreements with his employer and to take it them directly. Class would be to not be a total douchebag and disrupt the rest of the work environment with his douchebaggery. If you are compelled to “go out with a bang”, at least have the common decency to actually do it right! NOT just a lame ass “I quit” and a shitty back-up band.

    4. Class? Quitting in style? I just saw a fag tell his boss “I quit” with some shitty music in the back. Fail for trying to be funny.

    5. What we have here is a group of people who are pissed off they have shitty jobs and can not afford to quit so they make fun of people here

    1. They were going to fire him anyway so they could afford to hire five Mexicans in his place.
      Work, Mexican, work!

  2. ROTFLMAO…great plan S#it for brains. I certainly hope you can find a job with the Flea Party “Occupy whatever” crowd.

  3. why do people think that he is unemployed now? if he went to all this trouble just to resign, what makes you think he doesn’t already have another job lined up?besides, he wasn’t rude,he went to the employee entrance(probably private), and he showed up his boss who was part of the reason of the “shitty” treatment he was getting. i say “BRAVO” and encore.

  4. Total handjob. Whiny little bitch can’t handle the working world, bet he’s sponging off mommy and daddy now while whacking off to his own douchy shit-show.

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