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    1. I agree with buying Red Baron because it tastes better, but seriously, “more gooder?” Learn how to speak/type the english language.

    2. I agree with “more gooder” not being correct, but seriously, capitalizing “English” would be the correct way to write your sentence.
      Dude, tf is your problem? It’s definitely not english class up in here. Sit down & gtfo.

    3. @ akira6968: Thanks for recognizing my lame attempt at humor. I’ve said that “gooder” shit several times on this site and it never fails that a grammar nazi will jump on it. And everytime they will screw up in their comment just as bad.

  1. The pepperoni probably fell off in the bag, & the pizza doesn’t look like the picture because it’s frozen still. Either way, never trust frozen pizza, especially with a get 20 free prints from snapfish, on it. TF is that?

  2. So irritating when you buy a pizza like supereme or pepperoni feast and it has 3 pieces of pepperoni…cheap bastards!

  3. Probly carried that pizza in a shopping bag and walked miles back from the dollar store, so all the toppings went to the bottom of the pizza.

  4. If the quality of the pizza is the same as the quality of the free photoprints, you might as well get out your pencill and print the photo’s yourself.

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