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    1. The Ring 3. congrats, now go for a walk through a pig farm & slit your throat. Nobody wants to pick up the leftovers. Capiche?

  1. WARNING:It is not recommended that you be eating your dinner while surfing Epic Fail due to exposures like this can cause you to throw up your lunch

  2. Wow, epicfail has seriously lost its touch..

    Not the pictures, this is most definitely a fail, but in the comments!!!

    It’s like the same person hates this person a million times..

  3. I mean… at which point do you look in the mirror and say “you know…. this actually looks like it’s closer to the shit side of the beauty spectrum”??

  4. Go on Google Images > Type in Orochimaru > See the resemblance. Lool. (Except Orochimaru, for a creepy anime guy, is better looking than this.)

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