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    1. Well I’ll tell you.
      I was fucking your mom’s ass last night and I told her she was way too loose. And she said that I just had a really small dick and we both shared a nice laugh about it

  1. HMM well thank you all… :*

    if i can pleas say something,

    im a top,
    yeah i do makeup !

    i like my face,
    i like my body,
    and i sure like my eyebrows as well. ; )

    IM BI :*

  2. This is future Justin Beiber, he came back in time to find and warn his old self what his future would be like if he kept making shitty music; he would have to sell his ass on the street to survive.
    Then future Justin will show present Justin the scars on the inside of his ass, and the HIV on the inside of his mouth.

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