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    1. But without them, you’d have very little reason to comment on EpicFail. They enrich your life.

    2. useless? yeah so useless that the most powerful person on earth is black. RoccoL, you are an anal crab. g’day

    3. who the hell are YOU on about Random? I know you dont mean Obama… he’s as powerful as the bloody Queen of England. I know you dont mean Robert Mugawi because you dont even know who he is, and I know you dont mean Sammy Davis Jr because he isnt even alive…. are you talking about Tupuke shaker, or biggy smalls, or some other git filling the world with their mindless banter they call Rap? I hate the US for that… I cant wait until you are bombed from afar, and over taken by the shear stupidity of your own people. 🙂 have a nice day!

  1. lol dis nigga claim he balling but nooo harcut,claim he balling but got on a bumy t-shirt,and claim he balling but i dont see a 50 a hundred or a 20 no where.niggas need to get themselves together,this not a good look,he need to go get him a haircut too,shit dont look cool

    1. Nigga you need to get your shit together and use a fucking dictionary.There is a reason why these pictures don’t need captions….bitch made motherfucker

    2. Jesus Christ! How the fuck do you make it in this world talking like that?!?! Oh wait, you don’t. You live on welfare and food stamps and bitch how “the man” is always out to get you but it’s completely your fault because you think it’s cool to talk like a fucking retard and drop out of school and do nothing with your life except be a wannabe gangbanger. God damn, I fucking hate ni**ers.

  2. He’s maybe 13 years old. That’s 7th grade, folks. I don’t suppose any of you are Hilton heirs, right? No 7th grader is seen with 50’s or 20’s. So, to a 7th grader this is actually a decent amount of money to be proud of. It was probably a Birthday gift he got from a relative.

    1. Yea, there is a lot of ones so I’m guessing the crack head stripper mother of this kid is the one who gave it to him.

  3. my god!!!

    looking at each comment is painful. is this how one human views another?

    his just a kid his color has nothing to do with it, i see all kinds of people making fools out of them selfs everywhere can’t you share a laugh and drop the hateful comments?

    1. thank you, disappointed. im ashamed of how hatefull these white trash assholes are. it makes me fairly embarrassed to be white, but ive proudly stood up for people of every race. just because they have less melatonin in their skin, doesnt make them any worse than us

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