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    1. Yes but you know there’s another ghetto cunt shitting out yet another loser negroid to take it’s place.
      This never ending cycle of negroids will continue to plague the Earth.

    1. Someone didn’t pay attention in High School Aye?
      Your ass should go back to Europe where WHITE people came from.
      Seriously? They pissed you off because they know more about YOUR history then you do?
      The AMERICAS was populated by indigenous NATIVE Americans,(OR AS YOU WOULD INCORRECTLY SAY INDIANS>)Before your greedy ass, power tripping, egotistical ancestors decided to move here uninvitingly, only to gift the ALL the indigenous peoples with STDS, illnesses, poverty and fuck all our shit up!! We were doing fine and living far most advanced then your ancestors was. SO shut your trap hole and learn your shit before your ignorant ass comes with that side ways bullshit.

    2. ok…. wins
      and URMUM wins too. all white people (myself included) should be shipped back to europe and let the natives live in peace

    3. foopa the fact is that your lineage descends comes from the monkey. So, what part of Africa would you like to be sent to?

    4. this land belongs to whites cuz we took it by force. (the american way, lol). untill some other race can do that, this land belongs to us.

    1. Yeah, big dicks, best sports records, all your women want to fuck them…don’t feel so bad, you can keep the skanks that rather fuck dogs.

  1. I would have said “multifail”… NEVER PUT A GUN ON SOMETHING YOU DON’T WANT TO KILL OR DESTROY, and even if the gun isn’t loaded… This kind of stupid “fail” gives argument to anti-guns people.

    There is only 4 fuc*ing rules to respect when you own a gun:

    1. a gun is ALWAYS considered loaded, even if it’s not
    2. never aim someone or something you don’t want to destroy or kill (incl. yourself…)
    3. NEVER put your finger on the trigger before you’re sure that the gun is pointed in the right direction
    4. you are responsible of EVERY of your shoots

    If these rules are respected, no accident could happen.

    sorry if my english isn’t good, I usually speak french.

    Greetings from Switzerland !

    post scriptum: oh, and to all of these racist people who write racist comments, just FUCK OFF

    1. GunOwner is right. dont point the gun to ur head unless ur gunna kill urself. and dont kill urself infront of ur kid

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