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  1. In other news the FX show Wilfred will be returning for a second season now that they know that one person watches it.

    1. man, the poodle is the gayest dog known to man… second only to Bichon Friese, and shitzu

  2. I cannot believe I have been exposed like this!! This may be my last comment ever!! Damn you Epic Fail, Damn you!! BTW, I also dress up like a monkey, squirrel and a dolphin if anyone is interested. Nicky No Name?

    1. That might be the case, but I have seen plenty of stories about people who get turned on by dressing as a furry. It has been more in the spotlight than before though due to that CSI episode a few years back.

    2. That’s not necessarily true, a lot of men have weird fetishes like this. There are actually camps that people go to and dress up like all kinds of animals and their sexual partners are their “masters”… It’s very strange…

    1. Sure is! Found it kind of weird that your mom requested this though, she being into furries and all but whatever a BJ is a BJ.

    2. Sure is! Found is kind of weird though that your mom requested me to wear this she being into furries and all, but whatever a BJ is a BJ.

    3. : ) Love it when Macho “Pussy Mouth ” Man and Nicky ” GLORY HOLE” No Name..
      Come back with something new…

  3. Sadly there are people like this there called furries and they dont do it for attention they do it because its in their ‘nature’ there mentally ill

    1. I would not necessarily consider dressing as a furry a mental illness. It is more of a fetish than anything else…same like chains, whips, leather, latex, etc. We all have our fetishes I am sure ^^

    2. I’m sure that you meant THEY’RE (the contraction for they are) There is used as a descriptive term for location. The oranges are over there….. I hope that the 2nd grade grammar lesson has helped you to look less like an idiot when you are speaking in the written form.

    3. You can also use there as in, there was a mosquito in my room last night….. sorry I left that out before.

  4. I have officially seen everything there is to see, and I don’t wish to see anymore. Thank you for the worst and final epic fail I will ever view. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool, fuck you, I’m out.

  5. the chick that posted this pic is a real cunt. Get some moron to act like an idiot online for you, and post it here??? seriously bitch, I hope you choke on something jagged and fatal.
    I just wish it were me because i’d find you and torture you online. 🙂

    1. Get them together! Perhaps they’ll have puppies……that can end up in therapy for the next lifetime..

  6. There’s nothing wrong with having your lover dress up as a furry in real life… some people just have that paraphilia and need it to get off. However, it turns into cruel and unusual punishment when you take pictures of them like that and post it online

  7. Hahahahahaha I submitted this post in 2011!!! I ended up getting a call from a local radio station and getting free tickets to a halloween dance because of the messages from this guy!

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