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    1. Nope, sadly it was our lovely Canadian side. But I’m loving how everyone automatically assumed it was the Americans!!

    2. No.only a canadian thinks this is on the u.s. Side (dumbasses). And America can STILL kick Canadas ass. 🙂

    3. This wasn’t on the American side. I live in Niagara Falls, Ont & that is how the hospital is. Worst part is this isn’t the worst story.

    1. Well… According to the name of the place, Niagara Falls, this must be either in the USA or in Canada…

    2. You’ve seriously never heard of Niagara Falls? Let’s see…what country…what country? Give ya 2 guesses: If you’re American and live in America, it could be America. It also borders America. No, it’s not Mexico. — GO!

    3. It is the republic of Ghonerhea. It is on the Sphinctorial sub-continent of Mongolia. You should be familar with the place since you are obviously a Mongoloid.

  1. dats actually true for more hospitals here. i have the dual citizenship for both america and europe… i love the US but this is disgusting. i am ashamed how the medical system is only available to the financial elites. it sickens me, but to get better i go to europe and enjoy my FREE healthcare. <3

    1. @jlian…I didn’t actually see a mention in Claire’s statement stating that America or Europe was a country, so you are indeed the fail here.

      @claire…so true lol. Europe has superb health care in comparison to America. Having lived in America and now reside in Germany, I can say without a doubt that the German government takes better care of their people than in America…at least in terms of healthcare amongst other things.

  2. no this was on the CANADIAN side!!!! i saw this on the news the other day. she was on her way visiting hed dying husband. and fell in the lobby, the nurses said that she had to call the ambulance, they refused to help her. its ridiculous, so not only did they call the ambulance, they didn’t have any nearby, and they had to call one in from another hospital, which would of taken just over 45 minutes. after a good half hour vrying in pain in the hospital lobby floor, luckily a doctoro passed by and saw her, and helped her into the emergency room. ..because she was recovering from her injuries. she wasn’t by her husbands side when we passed away. ..his funeral is even postponed for a month until shes able to get up and walk again and recover. its ridiculous! its all over the news here in canada. i hope they fired those stupid nurses!

  3. This actually happened at Greater Niagara General Hospital in Canada. Though sadly in the US for many hospitals it’s standard practice to call an ambulance in an emergency like this. Sometimes its because of a lack of an ER and others for law suits. The US is very litigious.

    This Canadian hospital said there was a communication breakdown and that’s why the emergency was never called in as a code within the hospital. Though, for the this lady, maybe getting an ambulance ride to a different hospital wasn’t a bad idea considering how terribly Niagara General was handling things.

  4. I would sue through the ass and mouth… This is just plain ignorance… God I wanna kill someone just for hearing this. Probably the most epic of fails yet.

  5. this is soooooo incredibly fucked up!!!! and all those azz wipes that passed by her and did nothing wtf!!!!! colossal fucking fail!!!!

    1. Welcome to humanity. I came upon an unfortunate video the other day from China where a kid was ran over by a van and everyone just walked by or literally drove over him instead of doing anything about it. The first person that eventually did come by decided the best course of action was to just drag the body to the side of the road and continue going. Yeah, my faith in humanity is lessening by the day to say the least.

  6. Did anyone notice the spelling mistake on everybody? “erybody” Is she black and are they racially profiling due to her speech?

    1. That’s probably because it’s the beginning of the column… Ev would be at the end of the last column and erybody is the end of EV-erybody.

  7. Saw this same exact thing happen in Nebraska. When the ambulance finally came, it took her around the corner and in the emergency entrance.

  8. somehow i could see this being the case in the hospital i work at. the way everyone is afraid of lawsuits, she was not a patient and fell on the property. i would have helped, but in the back of mind is always, am i gonna get sued over this?

  9. This is standard practice at any hospital. I had friend who had broken leg from accident brought by his friend’s car, yet emergency staffs still have to go through standard procedure….call the ambulance in order to avoid litigations. This is sad, but we are in the world where you can get sued by helping others.

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