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    1. Who said it’s his sister’s room? and maybe he has a tattoo on his inner thigh of Justin Bieber looking up with his mouth open?!? …who knows, just sayin’..

  1. Will these kids ever learn that taking pictures of themselves in their sisters room is going to end up on Epic fail! It’s on the net forever now dumb ass!!

  2. Seeing that small bed and everything, I am assuming that he has a young sister. I’m just surprise to see that Stripper Pole. I guess to keep her options open when she grows up?

    1. Nope, that is not a mirror closet door – look at it really close. Look at the bed on the left side and right side of that pole – it’s not refecting. Look at the pillow, the white back bed board, the red picture on the wall and so forth. That is a Stripper Pole, lol.

    2. The letters on his shirt are reversed, and he’s taking the picture as if he were aiming at a mirror. Otherwise we wouldn’t see his whole body -_- duh… Its a mirror.

  3. i just realized! there are so many photos like this cos the dushes need a big mirror to immortalize their dushbugness so they go to their sister’s room!!!!!!!!! OMG i’m a genius!!!!!! worship me! WORSHIP!!!

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