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    1. Wtf don’t people understand this is funny shit, he friggin passed out twice, he woke up the first time and said omg how are we still on this ride,, he had no clue where he was . Omg reading these comments and internet has really let me realise how frisking dumb people are…. It worries me

    1. That’s what i thought too, i dont think he knew he was passing out all the time until he saw the video :’)

  1. “OMG it hurts so bad!”
    “I don’t want a video of this pain!”
    — Sounds more like they got slingshot in the ass!

    1. No matter how much crack I’ve smoked, I always let Ian (and your mother) finish up before I pass out. Quite the gentleman.

  2. How the fuck is this a fail. Nearly everyone who rides the ‘slingshot’ reacts in a similar way. The only fail here is in the part of the idiot who posted this video as a fail.

    1. Take straight porn soundtrack and remove female voice, add another guys voice and BOOM. That’s what gay porn would sound like.

    1. I’d guess that the photographer held out a dagnly toy or snapped the fingers of her left hand as she was shooting. (My best friend is a ragdoll breeder and her husband is a photographer. They have several tricks for getting their cats to sit pretty and look up.)

    1. It’s more likely to be a “comment per mutine” filter rather than an amount as automated spambots like to unload their toxic cargo in bulk and a flood control is a common anti-spam measure. So, have a coffeee and try again

  3. He passed out twice … it doesn’t look like it but he did. He was not acting … If you notice, he says after the first faint , “how are we still on this ride?” … or something like that … he definitely passed out, and then passed out again, lol. It’s the way he passes out that is hallarious to me and how the ride brings him back so quick.

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