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    1. I see you can read between the lines, also. Like when I go to Burger King, I know they are really saying, “Welcome to BK. What the fuck do you want?”

    1. …that’s not an oxymoron, an example would be “bitter sweet or cruel kindness”. An oxymoron would have a self-contradictory effect when saying it. what you said would just make you a moron

  1. I think its just a sign that they change for when they restock(like they fold the COLD DRINK part under the top half that says NOT COLD) OR it means only the drinks on the bottom are cold. Still cannot believe this stupid shit made EpicFail but my weather reporter video did not.

    1. There actually was a weather reporter vid a few weeks back, check it out. Think it was something about weather signs appearing on screen while a newscaster was reporting a fatal car accident. Bitch just couln’t stop laughing

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