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    1. Haha yes, usually when a black man smashes a car window, there’s an i-phone on the other side of it.

      It’s not blackface, he has a condition called VITILIGO where all of the melanin in black people’s skin is no longer produced so they turn white. It’s a very splotchy process until it is complete. They use makeup on him to keep his face uniform, otherwise he would look spotted. I hope that sates everyone’s curiosity and disbelief that a reporter would do blackface LOL

  1. He’s to stupid to realize that all the glass he broke for the world record wasnt in a car door, and they is something called physics involved here. The glass is more solid being in the door than out of it. If he had the glass out it would probably have broken like all the others he has before. This is just some over weight retard who’s body is stronger than it should be due to the years of holding his fat ass up. Another example of how retarded people are.

    1. He has a skin condition I remember they did a story on him. He’s extremely discolored so everyday in makeup they use cover up on him that matches his skin color but as you can see it’s not too convincing lol

  2. When ever will brass knuckle implants catch on? I mean dumbasses are putting yo-yos and all kinds of weird shit in their faces.

  3. Damn! I’m finding it difficult to navigate Epic Fail. And my comments are taking like five days to ever get posted. Have the Feds finally decided to audit this site? I know their workload has dropped since their Paulson/Lehman Bros. and Jack Camp cases have all been solved, but fuck!

    1. Chuck would’ve hit that, and split the earth in half so Chuck being the man he is would’ve never attempted it due to the fact he would’ve been the only human being to survive something such as this.

  4. even common sense would tell him not to hit the glass if it isn’t secured firmly,its like trying to punch a balloon and pop it,the sun musta heated the glass just enough should have done it on a cold day,he had a lot against him and victory was one of them,thats too bad

  5. the reporter is disturbing to look is with his super white hands and what the hell is on the side of his head???

  6. dude is this real!? from the look of the news anchor to how he punched the shit out of that window an failed this vid is full of hilarity.

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