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  1. It’s difficult not to be racist with retards like this diligently perpetuating negative stereotypes. If they love crime so much, why don’t they just go back to their ancestral homes, where it’s probably considered acceptable.

    1. I agree, “some” people live this life and what ever… but pictures like this are taken and posted indicating such but when commented on we are the bad people…

  2. “Look lil fella, this is real work. Not pussies job like engeeniering, architecture, medics and so on. School is for losers and pussies” I asume thats the motivational life speech this mediocre cocksucker predicates… and yes, thats mexican pesos and aint that much to be showing that off. Mofo loser i hope the child gets taken away from that idiot and never sees it again.

  3. I am reserving my comments until I know for sure what type of currency he’s “flossing”. The old paper “food stamps are gone. If this is pesos or some other foreign currency,this kid can be from another country. In that case, any racist comments don’t really apply to this particular fail.

    and his shirt is gay

  4. that’s in Dominican Republic, my country, he was a criminal, dedicated to steel, he maybe is arrested or dead, because he is very stupid publishing this picture in internet

  5. What the hell difference does the currency make? This is a human being with a child and a gun on the bed like they belong together. There are bad parents all over the world. The currency or the country does not denote a bad parent, the lack of human intelligence,maturity, compassion and common sense fill the bill.

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