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  1. Worst part is probably the pic was intentional.
    “Hey ya all, I just made to the toilet in time. As you can see it wasn’t much, but let me tell you, that turd took me ages.
    Anyways, I’m off to the mall with Mandy and Sheila, see ya all tonightz”

    1. That should be an automatic “stay away” if a chick is pictured with the toilet seat up…just saying 😛

  2. Who gives a shit (‘_’) if it’s corrosion from the water or the overcoating has worn out, she’s trying to be cute over a freaking toilet. A dirty one at that. Ergo, ending up on my screen

  3. Or just a dirty toilet. Anayways its really pathetic to make “Sexy” photo in the toilet 😀 OMG what the hell is with you teenagers?

  4. I don’t always take self pictures in the bathroom, but when I do I always make sure there is a dump in the potty.

    Stay constipated my friends.

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