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  1. What about Vanilla Ice D-bag on the left? I say this is easily a combo. He’s like, unnaturally hunched forward in the “ready” position, seems to be self-consious of his package, as he’s covering the area w/ both hands, his haircut is ridiculous, he’s got like the People’s eyebrow going on or something. Gigantor yellow watch… he’s a popped collar and duck-lips away from being in New Jersey.

  2. Aside from the obvious dude on the far right I can tell if there is anymore guys in the pic. They all look like Justin Beiber fail… look alike fails. LOL

  3. I always knew they were going to update “Where’s Waldo”, I just didn’t anticipate it was going to be “Where’s Crispy Leather Handbag Skin Cancerus”. Either she lives alone, is color blind, or has some really sick-fuck roommates.

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