Tattoo Fail


People Fail

“Should have said bread instead of breed. Still dumb nontheless.”

Submitted by Anon


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  1. Blackies and tats….when will they ever learn you must at least finiah 3nd grade in order to understand and spell the most basic of words.

    1. i forgive ‘finiah’, but ‘3nd grade’? It`s 3th grade, did you ever finish it yourself?

    2. The guy in the pic is clearly white and a racist like yourself. The quote in breed we trust is what he wanted to spell, because like Stick says (above) he is a white supremacist.

    3. Wait a minute…”3nd grade”?? I think you mean 3rd grade. I guess you didn’t finish 2nd grade you dumb racist fuck.

  2. So, he believes in procreating with his relatives? I’m not sure I understand this bit of intellect. He likes inbreeding? He’s a product of inbreeding? And he’s proud enough to advertise? What?

    1. I really wanna know how someone would tatoo that on him and not explain what he is trying to express and what is actully being said. I don’t think he understood the tatoo concept in the first place. On his facebook he explains that his tatoo ment “money my religion” Which really isin’t what the tatoo would mean. If it we’re corectley done to read “in bread we trust”. The sad thing about this whole thing is that him and his friends are to braid dead to realize just how stupid they are.

  3. dumbass. and yeah, he is and inbred fuckstain that needs to be destroyed before he makes more inbred fuckstains.

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