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    1. Nicky No Name

      Why do you want an Electric Chair??? There is Nothing in this world can change your looks!!! You still look like a ONE EYE MONKEY!!!!

    2. I want one as well, that is awesome, my only concern is that 2LOLO will be constantly banging at my door wanting to lube up and have a ride on my novelty prank. Decisions, decisions….

    3. IAN

      YES!!! I’ll be THERE at your Door and MY PENIS will be LUBE and Ready for your HOT LIPS…………………… NICKY NO NAME Told me How you like it!!!!

    4. Golly gee, that Mr. 2LOLO is a homosexual thing. It is so refreshing to see the queers come out of the closet like he did.

    5. I think I have my very own foreign (I assume from the poor English) stalker. I’m flattered and aroused.

  1. The blackie chicks probably thought they were watching one of their death-row relatives frying in the chair,,,as its more than likely to happen at one time or another.

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