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  1. I can see a weird bulge on his right side after he turned over. The dislocated disc problably went through his stomach and liver but couldn’t quite brake through that stupid t-shirt

    1. He even broke his arm as he landed, not even strong bones, what a fuckin loser. Hope he kills himself if he isn’t already dead. See you in hell mofo.

  2. One of the many reasons I don’t jump on furniture. They say only the good die young but I suspect it’s more likely that God has a thing for collecting retards.

    1. it already did thanks to Mcdonanld and the billions of fat ass out there so we all should clap for that the next time we have big war i bet u see a bunch of fat ass on the battle field and i bet they sent them in first and send the skinny ones behind them body shields all day

    2. McDonalds doesnt make people fat, people make themselves fat. If you’re a fatty, you’d have been fat with or with out fast food. NT

    3. It’s clear the tard catcher caught another one. Hey, darkness, can you show me a fat person that “Mcdonanld” held down, stuffed with too much food, and forced not to exercise?

    4. Well, Im an Uhmerican and I don’t take responsibility for any of my fucked up actions. So, if I can’t blame Micky D, I’ll finger point at someone else. I got rights.

    5. tard cather let me teach u something if u compare the past with the future u see people weights changing yes there where fats back then but there where way more skinny people than today the proof is in the pudding

    6. @darkness: lol you can’t be serious. Are you saying there weren’t any fat people in the “past”? Infact, if you knew anything about anything, being fat “in the past” was considered a good thing. Romans and Greeks prefered fat women. Infact, through out time, being fat was a sign of prosperity and wealth…not lazyness. It meant you were doing something right if you were eating good. So no, you didn’t teach me shit. Infact it was the other way around. your welcome moron.

  3. damn. I wounder how he saw that going in his head. He wasn’t trying to jump over it. He was trying to land on it. I guess budget cuts must have shut down physics classes or something.

    1. i doubt he’s dead. paralyzed sure, but not dead. he’ll have the rest of his life to think about his stupid stunt when he’s lifted into a van by a machine every day.

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