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    1. I love how the guys look at the kid and scoff at him, then go back to talking about Yu-gi-oh as if they’re so much cooler

  1. the mom probably overheard them nerds talking and said to herself *Fuck this. im not buying my son this shit turning him into one of these pricks* lol

  2. I don’t know what was funnier, the kid flipping out, or the guys who were sitting there ranting about yu-gi-oh laughing at the kid flipping out….

  3. Wow! Times sure have changed. Back in the day, we had shit fits like that when our moms wouldn’t buy the blow up doll we wanted.

  4. “C’mon, guys, lets strategize with wimpy-looking cartoon characters! Afterwards, we can suck eachother off!” Pokemon is for fags.

  5. Three grown men hanging out at Toy’s R’ Us arguing about “who’s deck is better” is a much bigger fail than some brat screaming about a toy.

  6. Multi fail right? I mean I dont know whats more of a fail, the kid with full grown facial hair talking about his card powers or the screaming shit child in the background

  7. 1.) lolz at the kid,and who hasnt thrown a tantrum before
    2.) i think it is more of a fail when like 20 year old dudes still play yugioh lol. it was fun in was in 6th grade. but u gotta grow up sometime right?

  8. The kid has some serious behavioral problems and will definitely not grow up with friends. The parenting fail here is pretty damn extreme.

    1. lol really you must be a dumbass bitch , parenting win the kid wanted the toy the mom said no and it was a no , it didnt matter how much he kicked and scream she didnt buy into it and even though the mother was very upset that she left without buying the merchandise she was holding in her hand she did not beat her child in public like some parents ive seen done so shut the fuck up

  9. I’ve seen this happen a few times, parents ought to be able to carry pepper spray to keep the little tikes more occupied.

  10. theyre talking about yugiohs, not pokemon, oh wait, incredible hulk is here to save the day, now ima steel his unicornn and rob then bank of all the sperm i can find with my pickle. And yes, im serious!

  11. Thats how i see all black guys from a distance. Most of them “look” bad ass/tough until you get up in their face. Than you see its all just a big show. Hear that lisp on that darkie? lol 😉

  12. Oh my god! x’D that kid screaming, look like he was trying to poop himself! O_O Though, those guys, and the camera guy was hilarious! Hahaha! Meh. Screw Pokemon Cards! Gimme the YuGiOh cards! >:O

  13. What’s more humiliating? Growing up knowing that you wasted your youth on a pointless card game? Or being an adult watching a kid who probably has a brighter future than them throw a fit..?

  14. You know what’s fail? That people here actually recognized it as Yugi-Oh. I love video games and computers and stuff so you can say I’m a geek, but I had absolutely no idea what those idiots were talking about…

  15. oh so the mom was buying the little girl something and not the boy and he wanted that shit so he started crying cause he never gets nothing and then the mom left the shit for the girl too so she started crying too and the little kid went crazy right in front of some fagbags talking about yugio apparently hahaha

  16. The weird thing is that the boy is not that little, like 12 yrs old or something like that and that tantrum is 4yr old tantrum! weird!

  17. I am glad to see that everyone is damn near on the same page..
    queers-r-us would be a better name if people like that start hanging out there

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