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    1. Shame people now associate Astin Martin with transformers before James bond lol… Q is not going to like this.

  1. “Good job, good job…proud of ya!” Fucking tools. Right around 00:20 he looks like he’s gonna just spew all over the dash.

  2. Q-what do you get when you mix a imbecile Aussie, a stupid Finnish man and an Aston Martin?
    A-200k down the hole and two retards to film it all.

  3. These 2 loathsome twats should be drawn, quartered, burned, have their entrails pulled out and fed to syphilitic pigs, and have their remains buried deep within the most cursed catacombs. They destroyed a creation of beauty, art, performance, luxury and elegance, and then proceeded to parade around their sinful act! VENDETTA!!!

    At least it wasn’t a woman behind the wheel……

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