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    1. You should Know Nicky…… Everyone Benefits with you……….. NOW SHUT-UP AND KEEP SUCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Gay interbreeding? Of course it’s disgusting!
      Whatever happened to good ol’fashion normal interbreeding?

    2. NICKY NO NAME!!!! SHUT-UP!!!!!!!! I”M CUMING IN YOUR MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. 2LOLO: You need to learn to filter the shit that you type. There’s funny, and there’s just being a plain ol’ asshat saturated in douchebaggery.

    1. Aside from the obvious sick bestiality factor, I am sure he is a homo. A dick is a dick no matter what the species.

    1. I already own a chalet in the Alps and 17 Swiss mountain dogs… they give the best head. Haha I just disgusted myself. Well done me.

    2. OK IAN…………

      Your Next!!!! Nicky No Name can only give head today!!! Nicky is on his RAGS…………

    3. Hold on now!!! IAN……….

      Who the fucking Hell is Roccol???? I told you once never SELL your ass on the street……

  1. 275,000 Swiss people, out of 8 million, have sex with animals , WTF ?!
    i don’t wanna live in this world anymore , seriously

    1. This is not true. I live in Switzerland. We have 1 or 2 cases maximum per year related in the medias. Sex with animals is desgusting, believe me, the other Swiss people think like me.

  2. Ugh, so many things wrong with this… What did the dog get out of the sex apart from a sore arse? I doubt he got much apart from the chocolate drops…

    1. Is that why the officials at Smithonian’s Natural History Museum frown at people mounting on the T-Rex? I know that Neanderthal skull-fucking will get you thrown out.

    2. How about “Bestiality necrofilia-with a pappy” thus making it even grosser. And somehow more illegal.

  3. if you’d make a survey in every country you wouldn’t want to live anywhere anymore. Sick people all over the place sadly these days =). I’m swiss myself and i have 3 cats and I love them so much but not in any sexual way that’s just disgusting!

    1. Enomina on the other sounds dangerously close to Enemina. Which to some people (i.e. 2LOLO) brings back joyous childhood memories

  4. I can’t believe that… in Switzerland, we never hear about these dirty stories… It must be a fake, or the Swiss media hide a lot of things. Be quiet everyone, Swiss people are not mad. Believe me.

  5. I used to work with this guy from Wyoming, and he always bragged about how when he was a kid (dude was probably in his late 60s early 70s) he would fuck goats on his farm. And it was, like, a normal thing in this town (can’t remember the town name). Him and his buddies would get some beers and head out to the stables and just fuck goats. He would talk about how you had to wear the proper type of cowboy boots, because the goats would push back, and if you didn’t have the right boots on you would slide back in the mud. Scary thing is this old man seemed just like any other old grandpa type. He might have been just fucking with me, but he seemed to know an awful lot about goat fucking.

    1. you sound like you know a fair bit about the subject yourself, larry. now all you need is the right boots.

  6. DID anybody notice that out of 8 million people 275 000 of them have sex with there animals HAHAHAHAHA THATS THE EPIC FAIL not just the one guy but the whole damn country is a fail for having almost 300000 FUCKING ANIMALS damn thats sad

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